Buying guide watches online – How to get what you expect!

Buying guide watches online – How to get what you expect!

Find the time to choose the perfect watch

Easy to fill every hour online where you want to see, and those who do not. However, the watch is a precision instrument and must face certain abuse. How do you know that watches online shopping will meet your expectations? Today we check out how you can be sure to get what you expect when buying a watch online.

Watches of anatomy

There are the names of specialists for each part of the guard. Here are the definitions of certain terms of the more confusing or strange:

Bezel: different areas of the face that holds a mirror for the rest of the time. bezel can be able to play.

Case: Mei refers to the entire watch case has, or metal parts which maintain the bezel, face, hands, etc.

Corona: A button in the middle of the clock face

Dial: Also known as the face – the area combines the hands and under their bases

Subdials: Date quick timer or smaller on the main dial

watch diagram

Waterproof watches

Side sealing which can be of the most common misunderstood aspects (and sometimes misunderstood) watches. Watches rated for water resistance up to 200 meters are often called watches (although they are really suitable for diving to the bottom 1.5 m), and found the 0m waterproof watches sold were barely sufficient to transpire here is the degree of detailed guide to the practice of watches:

* Waterproof 0m: Suitable for clothing purposes only keep climate controlled.
* 50m water resistant: Suitable sweaty and supporting spills. Not suitable for washing dishes.
* 100m water resistant: Suitable for washing dishes, making the long and snorkeling.
* 200m water resistant: Suitable for diving without scuba gear.
* Waterproof 300m water: A diver watches are right, this is less common and more expensive.

water resistance map

Watch Band Sizing

The standard size strip for men watches online is about 18 cm. The length of the tape does not include time, so if you want to test how certain models will fit in your home before you buy watches online, knowing the length of the box. Adding this to the approximate length of your belt, cut a piece of paper and tape around the wrist to help calculate the length of tape you need.

Remember that if you find a designer you like shows, but the group does not fit properly, you can buy many different styles of independent groups.

Watches Warranty

Warranty on watches are always provided by the manufacturer, not the jewelry for sale. Guaranteed less than 2 years under the industry standard, while the 5-year warranty is very generous.

watches warranty



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