The evolution of luxury Swiss watches. How times already changed

How times already changed – The evolution of luxury Swiss watches

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It is a story as old as time (pun): discoveries and improved continuously throughout history. That is the story behind luxury Swiss watches, mechanical watches that the first to be reported to the impressively, the complex today. Although the details vary between manufacturers, luxury watches mainly all know started a little less extravagant now they appear today.

Mechanical watches that before it becomes a powerful tool we now know operated by the vibrations of quartz or electronic pulses. Most watches have even started as watches because they carried around a bag. Not until the 1920s that monitor off new trends. It does not take a long time for the Swiss watchmaker to capture and start adjusting the amazing pieces that we know today.

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Unlike rigorous watches created by the ability of their time, such as those used for diving, which is electronic and uses quartz movement, luxury Swiss watches highlights the work and aesthetics (for frequently with the use of metals or expensive jewelry) and are mechanical in nature. This results in a less accurate clock in terms of time using a quartz movement.

Hours first date is 1530, but it was not until 1657 when accuracy improved by the addition of the minute hand. These came after the invention the spring balance.

While Switzerland is the undisputed leader in luxury watches these days, it was the British who dominated the 17th stage and 18th centuries; the watches made for the elite. Shortly after the Swiss took over, albeit in the mid 16th century that the luxury watch industry made its debut in Geneva. John Calvin is said to have banned the use of jewelry, fashion jewelry and gold to another type of item to use as a garnish. This led to the inclusion of watchmakers, which monumental in the next century as the production of luxury watches take off in the region. It was during the 20th-century watches mass production began due to technological progress.

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Luxury Swiss watches especially appreciated as jewelry or collectibles rather than an hour so that different markets to meet different consumers. Expensive watches aesthetics and speed, which is more like a bracelet watches, luxury watches encompass a broad market. Over time, Swiss watchmakers have been able to reconcile the difference between aesthetics and precision. Swiss luxury watches can continue on the path that has been in history.

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