Why luxury Swiss watches not only looks good, but the large investment as well?

Why luxury Swiss watches not only looks good, but the large investment vehicles watch as well?

It is undeniable that the luxury Swiss watches are some of the most unusual watches I have seen, and everyone knows the legendary Swiss quality. But not many people realize that luxury Swiss watches can be a valuable product in your investment portfolio as well. That is the reason:

In a market where the digital clock that runs on a battery is the norm, there is still room for the timeless quality of luxury Swiss watches. With many models made of 14-karat gold and platinum, even precious metals values of luxury Swiss watches just enough to push the investment class. However, the combination of luxury Swiss watches to metal ratio is the last thing you want to do.

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Because these watches virtually last forever, their value increases as they age. The use of a pocket watch in 1933 “Henry Graves” Patek Philippe that sold at auction for US $ 11 million in 1999, or see the same company in 1939 “World Time,” which leads to a surprising $ 4 billion in 2002. Although there is no guarantee that the Swiss luxury watch purchased this year will be the types of prices in the future, you can bet the time, but has a higher value, as is product each year. You can not say the same of a Mercedes-Benz or a Lear jet; It is certain.

luxury swiss watches

Furthermore, despite the reputation for quality that luxury Swiss watches enjoy attracting some buyers; others are interested in equipment such as a bezel encrusted with diamonds and the use of other quality materials gems in and out of hours which also supplies the value of sales on the secondary market.

Forget about investing in gold or other precious metals. Even the US $ 700 per ounce, which would have to buy all the gold to make $ 11 million that the owner Patek Philippe pocket. Experienced investors looking for the next big trend in investment is to take a serious look at vintage luxury Swiss watches. In the world of watches, the term “wine” applies to any mechanical watch made before 1970 when quartz watches took over the market. The more “classic” is more than a collection of watches to be.

luxury swiss watches

The market for new, vintage and even old Swiss luxury watches is growing bigger every day. There are even a newsletter and a website dedicated to the buying and selling quality luxury watches investment and the selling price could increase once the hot broth can, according to the number of bidders and time gaps.

luxury swiss watches

If you want to find ways is interesting and rich in history to add value to your investment portfolio, or just die flashing the “real” friends and colleagues shows solid gold, no better way to buy a pigeon or Swiss watches.


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