Swiss chronograph: What chronograph watches and why you should buy one made by Switzerland?

Swiss chronograph: What chronograph watches and why you should buy one made by Switzerland?

A swiss chronograph watch is a common clock. It was first introduced as a wristwatch there are almost a hundred years (in 1910). Clock type will be deleted immediately and proved very popular. In 1990, the famous clock “Swatch” helped create the public frenzy for chronograph watches. This chronograph was invented by a French named Rieussec in 1821. So, he really took four-twenty-nine years before someone thought of making a wristwatch.

However, swiss chronograph watches more accurately should be called a chronoscope today, because there is no actual writing involves more than words chronograph is derived from the Greek word “Cronos”, meaning that it (time) and also (graphics) or has another meaning “writing”.

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How would this work?

In addition to the total time on the main track, they also have to fast children who have a variety of scales on them, which means it can be used for measuring the precise time. The number of balls in the chronograph wristwatch varies depending on the design. There may be up to four quadrants, each designed for slightly different functions.

However, it is very common that one quickly located the new number on the main face of the watch, showing continuous seconds. A swiss chronograph wristwatch as a timer is activated when the button is pressed to the side. One area in miniature (usually close to the number nine) began recording last seconds.

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Interest and Why Switzerland?

Towards the beginning of this century, many Swiss chronograph watches were used by the military and sports. This is due to a recognized Swiss watches for the right moment and sustainability – and still is.

In fact, they are still used for this purpose today, but a lot of mechanical watches have been replaced by versions of quartz because they can measure time to the hundredth of a second.

In addition, Switzerland has combined mechanical and quartz watches some of its technology. This gives buyers watch the best of both worlds – a search of the authentic mechanical watch, which has the ease of use of electronic watches.

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Buy chronograph?

Today, the use of chronograph watches is more a fashion statement than a professional practice. The appeal of the Swiss mechanical watch seems to be an interesting image of their sport. It is desirable that the general public because it looks a Formula One driver, astronaut, and sports stars.

In general, chronograph watches are quite expensive and valuable. They generally cost more than normal or automatically hours, due to the excellent expertise and complexity required for their manufacture.


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