Swiss watch: Difficulty of becoming a leader of Swiss watchmaking

Swiss watch: Difficulty of becoming a leader of Swiss watchmaking product

Do you wear a watch? I suspect most of us, the answer is ‘Yes’ (a moment forget the children were did not wearing watches because they use their cell phones for all!) Now, what kind of hours to get dressed? Patek Philippe is? I do not think so. However, there is a market for Swiss watches are very expensive. The current market is in trouble and is not the fault of the product manager of Swiss watches. What would you do?

What happens in the market for Swiss watches

Swiss watch market

As a product manager, we are ready to face the evolution of our markets. Yeah, there would always be another competitor, new features that customers just need to have, and the like. However, in the case of the Swiss manager of the product of the watch, the events occurred in the market that does not control. In fact, there is absolutely no possible way for them to predict what will happen and now they are in a unique and enviable position.

It happened that changed the Swiss market upside watches when the Swiss government decided to modify the exchange restrictions that were in place. Without getting too complicated for you financially, the Swiss government agrees to him to ensure that the exchange rate was 1.20 Swiss francs to the euro. This means that the exchange rate is now free to move up and down. The result of this is that end Swiss watches are now much more at night.

As if that were not enough, it turns out that the recent political crisis in Hong Kong did not make the Swiss watch product manager favors either. During the three months of demonstrators close part of Hong Kong’s downtown district. Unfortunately for the Swiss watchmaker, are the main take their watches to be acquired by wealthy Chinese visitors. Obviously, no sales vigils that occurred as demonstrators camped outside the shops.

How Swiss Manager product surveillance can survive

Swiss watch manager

Look at the definition of product development and I think you’ll find he does not mention how to handle all market conditions continue to change this situation. It can be very easy to sit and say “there is nothing I can do about that matter”. However, you must always think about our product managers and life, which means that even when the unexpected happens, we must be prepared to take action.

Swiss franc exchange rate changes will have a direct impact on the bottom line of Swiss watchmaking. initial thought might be to move some or all of the production of watches to countries where the level of employment will be cheaper than the Swiss. However, it turns out that if manufacturers want to look at the label very desirable “Swiss Made” on his watch, he must have a minimum of 60% of actual hours were made in Switzerland.

Instead, that managers of Swiss watch products will probably end up doing is increasing their prices. The most desirable are the time, this strategy feasible. However, for some small brands or brands that have fallen out of favor with customers, who had to look for other options. These options could include consideration of the merger with other watchmakers to create a single brand, stronger than the better able to maintain its market.

What all this means for you

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Although I have heard that Switzerland is a very beautiful place to live, I’m not sure if I really want to become a product manager there now. The decision by the Swiss government to allowing its currency to “floating” relative to the other currency has caused a lot of damage to the high price of Swiss watches.

The Swiss product manager hit with two major changes in their markets: the bottom line of the company was affected by the Swiss franc and the protesters of the new fleet in Hong Kong to close sales channels for three months. To meet these challenges, product manager of Swiss watches should consider increasing the prices of their products. If they can not do that, then they may need to start looking for another company to merge.

As a product manager, we like to think we are in control of our products and our markets. However, as the product manager of Swiss watches has shown us, this is not always the case. However, what we do must be done is to quickly adapt to changes in our markets. The ability to do this should be part of the job description of each product manager. product manager of Swiss watch has the opportunity to do it now. Let’s see (so to speak) and see how it all turns out!


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