Swiss Watches and Its Relevance in the Smartphone Era

In the era of 5G and smartphone, you might think that this elegant watches and Swiss is as fresh halo fades, but in terms of the market for watches, Swiss watches of all time favorite among many celebrities are glamorous and sports .

A competition or a true competitor?

With the release of the T-Touch Tissot and Tag Heuer watches online are smarter day by day, it is also clear that fans of watches to draw a comparison between the smart watches and automatic watches traditional high-end. The question is, is this so-called “smart” watches are really a threat to watches or mechanical and automatic belts. There are two types of screens that appear in this case.

The first results

This group insiders believe that, in truth, is a threat to the market for Swiss watches and madness of smart watches that began to gradually slow the demand for Swiss watches high quality it. The logic behind the opinion of her appearance is something like this –

swiss smart watch

The newfangled watches intelligent multifunctional, allowing users to keep track of several things at once.
These watches are essentially customized mobile phones with the doll itself.
Smart watches brands like Tissot and Tag Heuer as “Swiss Made” for knowledgeable and enthusiastic crazy Swiss watch certainly prefer these parts.
This device is a much lower price than automatic high-end watches, making it a convenient choice for business class young tech-savvy.


A second opinion:

This is another group of fans and people think that smart watches are entirely separate kind of watches, and that will not hamper the market for premium mechanical and automatic watches in any way. their logic behind this view is –

A high-end Swiss watches always has its own appeal from the standpoint of collectors. Moreover, these resources are not a specific brand or model, instead of the classic mechanism to provide very accurate timekeeper.
As the automatic movement is generally based on the movement of the user’s wrist, you do not need the power to run the clock. Therefore, there is no replacement of the battery or load problem.
Omega automatic movement forward as a “master clock” is very accurate; Such precision is tested and tested by a series of procedures. Therefore, the wonders of technology and engineering can not be replaced by an integrated circuit (IC) clock “smart” based.
An automatic watch is not just a technological marvel but also a work of art so that fans of these watches are precious objects and collectors.
In conclusion, we can say that smart watches certainly technological marvel packed with features. In addition, the premium high-range automatic Swiss watchmaker older and mature than those of the best bottles of Scotch whiskey – the value can be given that a true connoisseur.

The author of this article has a long association with the watch industry. He worked as key personnel of various Swiss watchmaker. He is currently Senior Vice President (Marketing and advertising) to the famous giant clockwork.

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